Divine Love Legacy Series is an inspirational children’s book series by Kim Tebbutt. Each book is filled with loving, kind, caring messages from the Angelic Realm.

Kim’s first book, “7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You”, is an invitation for children to co-create and play with their Guardian Angels every single day.

This is a multifaceted book for children of all ages. The positive I Am, We Are affirmation statements empower our children every day and forever. It is a great seek, find, and counting book.

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“7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love you” is the most uplifting and inspirational children’s book we have ever come across! It is a joy for our whole family to experience together the positive affirmations. Our daughter could spend hours engaging with all the beautiful and intricate scenes. This book is sure to leave everyone with a warm, fuzzy feeling!”

— Vidya and Amar Dass Pilheden

About the Books

“My vision is for all Children to know each of us has our very own Guardian Angel. Our Angels invite us to co create loving Kindness with them every moment of our lives.”— Kim Tebbutt

Kim Tebbutt became consciously aware of the Angelic Realm’s exquisite, infinite beauty 28 years ago when the unseen became visible. As the divine spark of love within all life revealed itself, her heart soared in child-like wonder and delight, and still does!

She lives on the mystical, magical isle of Salt Spring, where the lush forest, land, and water embrace all. The sea and its gentle, wild beauty surrounds all with its gifts of grace. Sweet song birds greet the dawn, a chorus of tree frogs sing in the rain, a symphony of owls calm the night, and deer run free. Eagles spiral ever higher as hummingbirds invite us to dance to the Angelic notes of harmony and joy.

Watch Kim’s recent interview on the Specialty Produce Network.

Hear Kim Tebbutt, author of the Divine Love Publishing series, talk about her first book, “7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You”.

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