Every piece of this cherished book, from the animated illustrations, to the deeply loving messages and thoughtful affirmations, are gentle reminders that we are all connected and loved by something much greater than ourselves. I often catch myself reading the angelic affirmations to myself when I need a reminder of the love that surrounds us all. This book has been made with all of us in mind, and is a joy to read and share.
Annette Sharpe

Founder and Senior Coach, Growing for Success

“7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You” is the most uplifting and inspirational children’s book we have ever come across! It is a joy for our whole family to experience together the positive affirmations, Our daughter could spend hours engaging with all the beautiful and intricate scenes. This book is sure to leave everyone with a warm, fuzzy feeling!

Vidya and Amar Dass Pilheden

“7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You” radiates with such love and soulfulness that will resonate with children and adults alike.  An incredible universal story that is needed in every classroom and home as emotional healing is needed more than ever.
Tina Taylor Rain, B.Ed.

Teacher, Forest School, Salt Spring Island

As a mother, I find it challenging to find childrens’ books that convey messages I would like my children to receive. Kim Tebbutt’s book, 7 billion angels whispering we love you, is that hard sought, precious gem, which I am constantly searching for. The content is uplifting, inspiring and full of love and light. The artwork is phenomenal. You can really see the sentiment, emotion and joy brought to life on every page. This book is an incredibly enriching and engaging experience, for any caring adult to share with a child. I know my family will cherish this book for years to come.

Robyn Oakes

Reading this latest book creation by Kim Tebbutt I fall delightfully into a childlike state of wonder. Remembrances of my own inner child imaginings of communicating with divine ones always in a place of love. My cherished memories of falling asleep seeing myself in locales around the world whispering “I love you” and feeling the warm embrace I give. This has always been my mission! This poignant book reveals my inner voice! I believe deep within us all is a primordial need to communicate our love in gratitude to others. Kim shows us how. With the power of the words of virtue by echoing back to ‘ones self’ all that you wish in your heart for another. This powerful message indeed will change the world. Beginning with our children, as this simple teaching becomes indelible and serves a person with self esteem empowering them for a life time. Bravo too for the delightful illustrations of Sara Penhale who, with paint and her own inner innocent magic divinely captures Kim’s teaching in exquisite visual.
Blessings for this book to warmly embrace the world and be a catalyst to our heaven on earth.
Jill Louise Campbell

Artist, Writer, Owner, Jill Louise Campbell Gallery of Fine Art

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